DLTK's Bible Crafts for Kids
Old Testament Bible Crafts for Kids

Check the Animal Crafts
...  There are a number that work with OT stories, like lions and doves.

Check the General Crafts
...  There are a number that work with OT stories, like shepherds.


creation craft

Creation Craft

Uses a gingerbread man to explain the creation of man!

Age 3+

felt board characters

Creation Felt Board Characters

or use them to make a Creation Quilt or Puppets!

Age 3 thru 6

genesis creation mobile

Creation Mobile

Age 3+

bag of stones craft

David's Bag of Stones Craft

Age 3+

Delilah Paper Craft

Delilah Paper Craft

Delilah Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Esau cardboard roll craft 

Esau Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Gideon craft 

Gideon Paper Craft

Gideon Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Jacob's bowl craft

Jacob's Bowl Clay Craft

Age 2+

Jacob's Ladder Collage Craft

Jacob's Ladder Collage Craft

Age 3+

Jacob craft for kids

Jacob Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+

Joseph craft

Joseph and His Coat Paper Craft with Memory Verse

Age 5+

joseph and his coat of many colours craft

Joseph's Coffee Filter Craft

Age 3+

make a joyful noise

Make a Joyful Noise

three craft options for different ages

moses crafts

Moses Crafts

Includes Baby Moses, Ten Commandments, Burning Bush and Red Sea crafts.

Noah's Ark Crafts

Noah's Many Arks

A whole bunch of Noah's Ark crafts for various ages.

ten commandments parchment craft

Parchment 10 Commandments

Age 7+

promise pocket craft

Promise Pocket

Age 3+

promise suitcase craft

Promise Suitcase

Age 3+

easter chicks

Psalm 50:11

Also, in Psalm 50:11, God says,

"I know every bird."

If you want to work Easter chicks in with a Biblical message, this is a good way!  There are numerous other bird crafts to choose from though.

Rainbow craft

Rainbow Craft (with Dove)

Any Age

Other Rainbow Crafts

Ruth TP Roll Craft

Ruth (gathering wheat) TP Roll Craft

Age 3+

Samson craft 

Samson Paper Craft

Samson Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Samson Craft

Samson and Delilah Crafts

shadrach, meshach and abednego crafts

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego paper craft

(age 2+ for cut and paste version or age 7+ for 3D version)

shepherd paper craft

Shepherd Paper Craft

Shepherd TP Roll Craft