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Sunday School Board Game

Thanks to Lucie Mizutani for sending this in!

Here is my SSL board game (Sunday School Lesson board).

I made the templates in 3 sections so the people can just tape them together. On page 4, I have the total view of the game. It is a game that any Church group at different grade level can play.  The Sunday School Teacher can create his own questions and answers appropriated to his lessons. I change the questions or add more (or replace them) to the game after I went through a new Sunday School lesson, in order to check the knowledge of the children.

I usually divide the group in two, but you can make more teams if you like. Play with One Dice and an attractive fun object for each teams to go around with. Each player of the teams takes turn to shake the dice and
throw it, and try to answer the question assigned in the category where she land (Facts, Application, Vocabulary or Emotion). If she cannot answer, she ask help from her team. If the team cannot answer or answer wrong it goes to the other team to answer. If they answer right they get to have 2 turns next, if they answer wrong, the teacher answer, no winner at this point.  The original team goes back to where they were before.

The 4 Categories could be print on card (I did it on heavy paper) with the symbol on one side and the question on the other.  The teacher have the answers.

First category is Facts (Book), Second is Emotion (Heart), Third is Vocabulary (ABC) and Fourth is Application (Star).  There is also a Question mark (?) on the board which means they can choose the category question they like.  Please let me know if you need some more clarifications on the game.

Board Game Templates

Question Card Templates


Note:  these templates are in Adobe Acrobat format.  The reader is free to download if you don't already have it.