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Rainbow Cake

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Use this cake for a Noah's Ark theme, a Saint Patrick's Day party or a Wizard of Oz party.

The first thing I want to say is that I am a very bad baker.

That said, quite a few of you have requested some simple cake decorating ideas "by mom, for mom."   So, I'll give you the ones I have.

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The second thing I want to say is that as cool as the store bought cakes might look, you'll NEVER get photos like these from a trip to Safeway!

And the third thing I want to say, before I start to explain this cake, is that the beauty of round cakes is you get TWO of them.  Don't stack them!  Use them each separately.

This allows you to decorate twice and use the best one for presenting at the party (the second one can be cut up and served behind the scenes... your guests will think you're amazing for making such a small cake stretch so far *grin*.) 

It also allows separate (fight free) decorating if you happen to have two helpers!


You have a couple options at this point.

tcakerainbow.jpg (11224 bytes)We'll do the icing method first.

The smartie method is even easier.



WIZARD OF OZ:  At this point, you can put a yellow brick road on with yellow icing or yellow smarties.  You can even dot on a few red "poppies" in the grass with red icing.

BIBLE (NOAH's ARK):  Take a large marshmallow and put it on a piece of wax paper.  Roll it flat with a rolling pin (another fun, squishy thing for kids to help with).  Cut out a really simplistic bird shape with a sharp knife.   (you can draw a template on a piece of paper first). 


Purchase a tiny cookie cutter in the shape of a bird (I use them all the time to cut shapes out of meat, cheese, pj sandwiches, cantelope, honeydew melon, etc when asked to send healthy, but fun snacks to school!)  Use the cookie cutter to cut the marshmallow (like above) OR place the cookie cutter on the cake where you want the shape to be.  Pour in white sprinkles, coconut or chunky white sugar.


Frost the cake in chocolate and use a paper plate cut in half and tape together to shape of a half moon...  Then use animal cookies to make the animals marching all over the cake and around the edge.  Its a great snack while the kids are  waiting to cut the cake.  Thanks to Kimberly who sent this idea in!

ST.  PATRICK's DAY:  Buy green sprinkles or decorating sugar at the store (or take regular white sugar or white coconut and mix with a toothpick dip of food coloring paste or a couple drops of food color).  Take a shamrock tiny cookie cutter and place on the grass.  Pour in some of the green decorating material to make shamrocks.


Cut green fruit rollups into shamrock shapes and put these on the grass.

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