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Burnt Match Cross Craft

cross craft
grown up version

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Marlene sent in a note asking if I remembered from my days as a girl how to make burnt match crosses.  It took me a bit, but I do!

Jennifer sent in this helpful tip: "I have a suggestion for the burnt match crosses- we did them a few years ago at VBS and I was able to find rainbow matchsticks (no heads) at the local dollar store and craft store. When preparing for many kids this method cut down on time and dirty fingers (from the charred ends!)"

cross craft
kids version

Grandma Gloria (my mom) was over when I was finishing up the instructions for this craft.  When she saw me working on it, she shared this story with me.

Back when mom was just beginning her teaching career, she had a student, named Carol, whose father was ill.  Carol was a quiet, diligent student who mom liked very much. Sadly, the father passed away.

It was mom who had to break the news to Carol.  It's not something they teach you how to do in university.  Mom is a sensitive woman and she remembers it as one of the hardest things she's had to do.

Soon after, Carol brought in a matchstick cross that she'd made for my mom as a recognition and as part of the healing process.  When mom saw the cross we'd made at home, she remembered the story and asked if I might add it to the site.


Instructions:  STEP ONE

Burning the matches

This is NOT for children to do.  I would even argue that (neat as it looks) kids should not be allowed to watch this step.

You can burn the matches one at a time and blow them out quickly so just the ends are charred.  But if you're making a grownup cross, it's going to take 120 matches or so and if you're making crosses with a group of kids, you'll be blowing out matches for days!  So... here are two quick methods for doing it.

(Make sure you have a towel and glass of water handy to extinguish any rogue flames.  It's never happened to me, but better safe than sorry.)

METHOD ONE:  Stacked Matches.

cross craft

cross craft
cross craft

cross craft

METHOD TWO:  Kissing Matches.

cross craft

cross craft

cross craft

This way takes a bit longer to set up, but works every time.

Instructions:  MAKING THE CROSS

cross craft

Alrighty then... all of that was just to burn the matches!  Now we have to use them for something.

Kids Version

Grown Up Version:

cross craftTemplate:




Ink Pad Version of Burnt Matchstick cross.

Sandi wrote...

"When I was looking for Easter crafts for our Sunday school I came across your burnt out match cross and thought it looked great.

Like you, I wasn't too keen on the match burning around kids and thought I would experiment with the craft match sticks and an ink pad. I like the results, I am even thinking of trying it with some other colours.  This would allow the kids to be part of this step too. "


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