Written by Viewers!


God loves me that's why I'm here
God made me and I keep him near
I am but a tree
With God I will grow
God loves me this I know

God loves me
Yes all the time
God loves me
I'm on his mind
That's why I'm here
To give God praise
God loves me
Through all my days

God loves me
Yes it's true
God loves me
And God loves you


"God Loves You"

God loves you
This you should know
God loves you
He can make you whole

Just take Gods hand
He'll see you through
He'll wash you clean
He'll make you new

So don't give up
And always know
Gods love for you
Is as pure as snow


"He Gave Me Grace"
A Poem

Jesus is my Savior
Jesus gave me grace
And one sweet day
I'll see my Saviors face

Until then
I'll give him praise
For he's my Savior
He gave me grace

I've gotta a home
In a wonderful place
It's called eternity
Thanks to his grace

Thanks to a viewer for sending these in!


Love the Lord

I want you to know I love you lord,
we are humans we always want more.
The devil tricked us all by becoming a snake,
Because he is evil and a fake.
You are perfect in every way,
you are relaxing and let us lay.

You give us our bodies to eat and sleep,
the devil is mean and makes us weep.
Please forgive us for all the bad things we have done,
let us rejoice and have a lot of fun.
You let us in heaven above,
Because you are the lord we love.

Written by Stephen Latham, Age 11 Thank-you!


My World is Peaceful

I've been long time living on the earth....
I pray to God, day and night.
I've been long time living in the earth....

Every time when the night comes,
I always watch stars blinking on the skies.
My World is peaceful!!!!

The day and night are all made by God.
God protects us.
(repeat chorus)

Once again,
My World is peaceful.(3x)

Written by a viewer, Thank-you!



Noah was a good man he prayed to God each day,
and when it came to goodness he was obedient in every way!
God saw evil throughout the land and said to Noah I will destroy man.
So Noah made a big big Boat made from gopher tree,
And God said it looks very good! 
So Noah, the animals and his whole family went into the ark,
and God shut the door tight behind them.
The ark twisted and turned with the animals,
and God kept Noah and his whole family safe.

Written by Gabby!  Age 11 Thank-you!


"I Know the Lord"

I know the lord he loves me,
And he has done great things,
And when I am so naughty,
Joy and happiness he brings,
He comforts me with blessings,
And gives peace to me at night,
And when I wake up early,
His arms are shining bright.


"God Loves the Children"

God loves the children in the world he died to save them all,
And when people reject him his heart goes sad and small,
He loves the people that are bad and died to save them too,
But there will be a blessed day when he returns to take me and you.



God is the best he really is he made all creatures grow,
And planted trees to make them big so birds can make there home,
He made the world and people to so they can live and give,
To others those are poor and weak and meek.

The last three poems written by Gabby and Zippporah!  Age 13  Thank-you!


The Vase of Living Water   

High on the Mountain
Low in the Valley
Everything, yet nothing
Nothing, yet everything
Close your eyes, open your hearts
Reach out your hands, lift up your voice
There is one who's always listening
There is one who's always there
There for all, you decide when
The Lord Above
Thank you very much
And may God bless you

Written by Daniel Hatfield, Thank-you!

This Poem is about Mattie Stepanek the young poet who died from M.D.
He was on Jerry Lewis Telethon. It is in My Book "Gifts From My Heart"


Mattie was a gifted boy,
Through his poetry he brought joy.
He knew someday he would die,
And he knew all would cry.

But Mattie is at rest and no more pain,
Peace at last he has attained.
The day is coming when God will say,
Come out Mattie to a new day.

The scriptures at John 5:28, 29 says it all,
Mattie will hear that glorious call.
There all our loved ones will be,
Back amongst you and me.

So yes it hurts that Mattie lost his fight,
But to him it will be like one night.
Awaking to a brand new Earth,
Just like a baby at its birth.

The Bible says Death will be no more,
All new things are in store.
So keep your faith in the God above,
And he will fill you with his love.

Copyright 2005
Author: Steve Dalhover


The Main Event

It's not about a Christmas tree
Or lights that shimmer so...
It's all about the Main Event
That happened long ago!

It's not about adorning trees
With trinkets on each limb...
It's all about His strong desire
For us to worship Him!

It's not about Black Friday
Or the dollars that we save!
It's all about a Baby Boy
The gift to us God gave!

It's not about the latest toys
Which make our spirits lift!
It's more about the Father
Who sent the perfect Gift!

It's not about the money
Or the good deeds that we do!
It's all about the Jesus
Who came to Earth anew!

It's not about the carolers
Or the melodies they sing...
It's all about the One who saves
Who's Christ the Lord and King!

It's not about the holiday
Or filling up our carts!
It's all about us asking Him
To come into our hearts!

It's not about December
Or 'Secret Santa' with a friend...
It's all about the Holy One
Who to Heaven did ascend!

It's not about the credit cards
Or the bills that we incur...
It's all about the debt
He paid Our salvation to ensure!

It's not about the parties
Or fancy clothes and shoes...
It's all about an angel
Who brought to us, Good News!!!

It's not about vacations
Or the twinkling lights above!
It's all about the Father
And His Agape love!

Written by Leslie Rummel Inspired by love