DLTK's Bible Activities for Kids
Unique Christmas Cake

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Make one of each type of cake for each child.

Easy bake pans are ideal.

Wrap baby dolls in a scrap of material to look like swaddling clothes.

Note: Have children build finished cake on inside of margarine container lid.


Today we are going to make a birthday cake for Jesus.  Here is a white cake, a pink cake, a yellow cake, and a chocolate cake.  These cakes symbolize the different colors of God's people.  Over the cake and between the layers goes a fluffy white icing to show how God's love binds all God's creatures to each other and to Him.  Around the edge goes a wreath of green gumdrops.  In the center we will make a manger bed for baby Jesus with toasted coconut to look like straw in a manger.  Then we will write Happy Birthday Jesus to celebrate His birthday.  Here is a candle.  We don't put the candle on the cake because God has no age to be counted. but we have it near to remind us that Christ is the Light of the world!

All sing Happy Birthday dear Jesus with candles lit.  Send cakes home in upside down margarine containers as cake holders.

Recipe adapted from Canadian Lutheran Ladies Family Favorites Cookbook.