DLTK's Bible Activities
What's in the Box?

Thank-you to Win for sharing this idea! 
"Here is an idea that worked very well for me as I worked through my Easter lessons.  You are welcome to use it, share it, adapt it....."

I wrapped a shoe box with Christmas paper with the lid wrapped separately so it could be removed.  I asked the kids (4's and 5's) what it looked like. Obviously they said "a Christmas present." I then asked what Christmas was about and they said "Jesus' birthday." I then went on to talk about how Easter was the rest of the story.

Each week I added something new to the box and before getting into the lesson I would let the kids tell me one at a time an item in the box which I would then pull out and we would talk about it. Finally when we were down to the new item I would pull it out and we would discuss it.

This was a great way to review the previous lessons and last week I even had parents asking me "what's in the box" before class and I told her to ask her daughter after class.  The items I used for Easter were: