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My Family Tree
My Family Tree

Fill in the apples (either with photos or with names) to build a family tree.  The child (and their siblings) go on the top of the tree.  The next row is mom and dad and the bottom row is the two sets of grandparents.

The apples are a separate template that you glue on, so different family structures can be represented.



Family Tree Template   (color)   (B&W)

Apples Template   (color)   (B&W)

Details Template   (color)   (B&W)

family tree craft
this is about 4 ft x 2 ft


Turn this small book into a BIG bulletin board or wall project.  To do this, we bought light green, dark green, blue, brown and red poster board.

For the base, we glued 1/2 the sheet of light green poster board onto the bottom of the blue poster board.

I made a rough apple drawing on a piece of scrap cardboard (I used one of the coloring pages to help me trace on the apple).  I cut it out and gave it to Tasha.  She traced this template 9 times onto the piece of red poster board and cut out her apples.  She used my scrapbooking templates to cut her photos into circles and then glued them onto the apples (but you could just trim the photos free hand).

Tasha drew a trunk onto the brown poster board.  I showed her how to add little V's to the top to make branches.  Tasha cut it out

Tasha drew and cut out the top of her tree.  I asked her to make sure she drew it nice and tall so there'd be room for the whole family.

Tasha glued everything together and then added a couple sticker flowers/fenceposts to make it fancy.

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