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Fruit of the Spirit cadence

Thanks to Joni for sharing her song with us!

"We decided to create our own VBS curriculum, etc.  This year and went with the Fruit of the Spirit.  The kids LOVED this as we used it to march in every evening and then for the closing program. Even the youngest ones were able to catch most of the words. I hope others will enjoy using it with their young ones."

I don't know what you've been told...
Galatians' got the fruit of gold.
Patience, joy, love, peace and faith...
With gentleness He'll get the praise.

Self-control with kind and good...
We'll be like Jesus said we should...
Ask me what would Jesus do?
Galatians 5 Verse 22

Sound off:             Galatians 5
Bring it on down:   Verse 22

Galatians 5 Verse 22


(optional ending)
WE'VE GOT-  (clap) -  (stomp)  - THE FRUIT!

Fruit of the Spirit cadence with printable template

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