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DLTK's Bible Poems for Kids

Thanks so much to Ters for sending her poem to us!

God surely works in mysterious ways
He's still doing so even in our days.
Such was the background of one of the greatest Kings
Growing up as a shepherd boy whilst he sings.

No one knew, not even Jesse,
what God had planned that sunny day.
Saul's time ran out, where could Samuel find,
someone pure of heart, spirit, body and mind.

One by one without luck, the brothers passed the scrutiny
What a shock when they remembered their little baby
Yes high up on the hills amongst the flock,
was the only one who would be to resist Goliath's mock.

Totally humble and a heart so pure.
That was the requirement for a leader to endure.
What was to follow, the gruesome battles ahead,
resulted in thousands of enemy soldiers ending up dead.

Haunted by a fearsome dictator
Left all alone until much, much later.
Never forgetting to trust in his Lord,
until word arrived that Saul had died in his sword.

So at last instead of weeds and grass there were palms.
Wrote numerous songs and many Psalms,
about his God, so awesome and glorious,
that lead him through so many battles victorious.

Nothing has changed, nothing is new.
The people that chose Him today are still very few.
While His grace still overrules fate,
Please commit yourself to our Lord before it is too late.

.........A.  T. van Wyk


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