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I've had a lot of people send in requests for some Children's Bible book suggestions and quite a few others send opinions on books they've found.  Where possible, I'll try to include brief excerpts of the books so you can get a feel for what they are really like.  I hope you find this section useful!

These are books I own or have borrowed from the library.

clip and tell bible stories

Clip and Tell Bible Stories

toddler book

KJV Bible for Toddlers

NOTE:  The following books are all books that other DLTK's viewers suggested were good.  The links hop you over to our page of Amazon affiliate links.  It may not be your favorite place to buy books, but I think it's still a wonderful resource!  You can see photos of the book, read reviews from people who've used it, and get the title, author and ISBN number for easier searching at the library or local book store.  Don't overlook Amazon as a great place to browse, just because you prefer not to buy on-line!  And if you are looking to buy on-line, they've started offering used, cheaper books as well!

Other Bible Books:

bible for toddlers

Beginner's Bible For Toddlers

bible stories for children

Bible Stories for Children

bible story book

Egermeier's Bible Story Book

first bible

My First Bible in Pictures

bible stories

Tomie Depaola's Book of Bible Stories

Videos and Software Reviews:

Bible Touchdown

Children's Christian Software Reviews