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DLTK's Bible Rhymes and Songs for Kids
Christmas Songs

A Christmas Alphabet -- a poem/Sunday School presentation 

Baby Jesus Song - Tune of "Are you sleeping Brother John"  

Bethlehem Lullaby - Tune of "Brahms Lullaby"  

Born in a Manger - poem   

Candy Cane Poem  (with Necklace Craft idea!) 

Christmas Around the World - play   

Christmas Bells (tune of "Jingle Bells") 

Gospel Bells -Tune of "Jingle Bells"   

Happy Birthday Dear Lord Jesus - Tune of "Ode to Joy"   

It's Christmas Day - A Christmas Carol!

Jesus Jingle (Bells)

Jingle Bells Jesus - Tune of "Jingle Bells" 

Little Boy Blue (Bible version)  

Once in Royal David's City (poem)

Straight Down from Heaven my God Came - Tune of "Up on the House-top"

The Christmas Story -- a poem/play

The Night Before the First Christmas - poem 

Three Little Angels

Three Wise Men - Tune of "Three Blind Mice" 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Christmas

Twinkle Twinkle great big star


ACTIVITIES: Welcoming Baby Jesus Lesson Plan Section - various ages

ACTIVITIES: Angels visit the Shepherds Lesson Plan Section - various ages

ACTIVITIES: The Wise Men Lesson Plan Section - various ages

ACTIVITIES: The Nativity Lesson Plan Section - various ages  


A collection of Christmas Plays, prayers, poems, and songs