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Jacob's Walk printable song templates for kids

Song poster/coloring page
(color)   or   B&W)

DLTK's Bible Songs for Kids
Jacob's Walk

Thanks to Janice for sharing this song with us!
To the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell"
Actions in blue!

Jacob took a walk  "Walk" fingers.-- where it says Jacob took a walk
Jacob took a walk 
He walked and walked all by himself;
Jacob took a walk.

Jacob went to sleep,
Fold hands together under head; close eyes
Jacob went to sleep;
He put his head upon some stones;
Jacob went to sleep.

Jacob had a dream.
continue "sleeping
Jacob had a dream;
The ladder stretched from earth to Heav'n;
Hold one hand low, the other up high.
Jacob had a dream.

Some angels came to walk,
"Walk" fingers up and down.
Some angels came to walk;
Up and down the angels went;
Some angels came to walk.

God himself was there,
Look up; point up with index finger
God himself was there;
He talked to Jacob in his dream;
God himself was there.

Jacob soon woke up,
Open eyes; look around
Jacob soon woke up;
Made a special place to pray;
Fold hands in prayer
Jacob soon woke up.

God always keeps his word,
Form book with hands.
God always keeps his word;
So Jacob worshiped only God;
God always keeps his word.

The Lord was in that place,
Point out from self.
The Lord was in that place.
And He is here with us today;
Point to self
The Lord was in that place.


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