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Moses' special staff craftDLTK's Bible Crafts for Kids
Moses' Special Staff

Thanks to Jennifer for sending this in!

I am a preschool teacher; my class is made up of kids 18 months to 3 years. I thought I'd pass on this idea I had that worked wonderfully with my class. Learning about any Bible character who carried a special staff (Moses and Aaron, for example) leaves room for this craft.


put paint on paperInstructions:

I used masking tape and put their names on the tape.

I was AMAZED at how beautifully these turned out.  They looked like modern art when they dried!

The paper they use turns out really cool, too; I hung up my kids' paper because it was so pretty! Just another suggestion to add to your Moses projects. I used several of them, by the way; they're excellent!


Printable version of these instructions